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CS:GO better than LoL and Dota?
Well, 7 year olds are dumb so he can't help it, but with such ignorant father, I am afraid for his future.
CS:GO better than LoL and Dota?
That's why I can call you ignorant because your opinions are based on playing the shit ton of 1 game (csgo) and playing less than 10 hours of other game (dota2/lol). If you are going to compare someth...
CS:GO better than LoL and Dota?
>i simply stated my opinion< What did you base your opinion on? From what you wrote I can clearly see you never player dota2, so what did you base your opinion on? Exactly, you talked out of you...
CS:GO better than LoL and Dota?
>i mean, for example, while in-game besides requiring a full concentration and coordination eye-movements of both arms, wrists, fingers, also add to that a sensitive awareness to in-game sounds: heari...
Death Penalty
I think you should bring it back and execute all those dota players who queue for all regions and all languages even though they don't speak English and also complain about lag after getting on US Wes...
Dota2 - The International Championships
Ok, Justin Bieber confirmed interesting to listen to. kktnxbye
Dota2 - The International Championships
The more viewers = the more interesting it must be to watch l2read your own comments. Let me rephrase my comment: "Because the mroe viewers = more interesting to listen to" Are you happy now?
Dota2 - The International Championships
So does Dota2 in China and Sweden.
Dota2 - The International Championships
You also don't know how many people have 10-15 instances of LoL stream open at the same time. But I am going to say that I know for a fact that 50% of people have 4 instances of LoL stream open which ...
Dota2 - The International Championships
Do you also listen to Justin Bieber? Because the more viewers = better? One of his "music" videos has second highest views (first is gangnam style), so it must be good.
Top 5 Communities.
Best: Not really eSport community, but speedrunners community is probably one of the best among video game communities. Just now they brought some of the best speedrunners in 100 different games and ...
To Scandinavians
Wow, astronaut... You were boring kid, you know that?
Illegal thing that u do :)
I don't think you understand what word "illegal" means.
New mouse, mousepad and keyboard.
Logitech g400 - 30e QPAD CT - 20e (+10e for shipping) CM Storm QuickFire Rapid (with red MX cherry switches) - 75e The best combination you can find in any price range.
GO's growth in viewership
Rule of thumb (which has proven itself pretty accurate with numerous games) is that there are 10 times more active daily players than average concurrent players.