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Emilio cheated on lan. His ex team mates confirmed it. But yea, he wasn't banned on that Lan tho...
era define
no /close
"cold baiter"
Good b8 sir
"cold baiter"
Contact support lurker :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD How can someone take this b8 is beyond my understanding rofl. Well pl8, 8/8 b8 m8
Cloud9 roster leaked
Fns doesn't have full salary tho. Probably not even half of it... But yea, wasted money anyway
c9 pls sign kennyS
Ocelote won't give them whole year of trash results...
Zeus !!!
Adren can't igl, we already had a chance to see that. End of story... And when fnatic did that, they had arguably 5 Top10 players in their prime. Navi would have 2 Top10 players flamie who is somewhe...
Zeus !!!
Literally everyone is excusing bad performance of both adren and hobbit with "no igl in gambit" argument... Yea, let's kick Zeus and add 2 below average players, that's what navi needs OMEGALUL
G2 fix 100%
save shox omegalul...he is where he wanted to be
They need useless high five guy you know...
You don't want to argue because you are clueless and you aren't able to look at facts objectively...
so what that they have different roles? flamie can easily play as entry and he will be 100x better than edward. he is just bad. this is FACT "I mean that their fire power should be fixed by replacing...
yea, consistently BAD...few online matches and people going nuts. flamie is much, MUCH better than edward in like every single aspect lol
flamie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> edward