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REZ $200k
"and for an org like NiP 200k is a huge amount." good one...
Top Rapper ATM
There are a lot of good rappers nowadays aswell... Just dont listen mainstream crap
Top Rapper ATM
Drake isnt even rapper looool. Vinnie paz all the way... Snowgoons, ill Bill, sicknature, merkules etc etc are much better
Yea he receives some kind of "salary" but definitely not the whole salary which he had when he was in active lineup. Be sure that orgs has pretty good contracts with a lot of clausules for cases like ...
Most famous living person?
Tier 1 Teams?
its always like this with not saying that they are bad team but they are one of the most inconsistent one. currently,they shouldnt be considered as t1 team but im sure that they will bounce b...
Tier 1 Teams?
so if your main argument is cash,why on earth they werent able to win WESG 2016 World Finals-the tournament with highest prize pool without any other t1 team at that time and lost to freaking kinguin?...
Tier 1 Teams?
practice or not,they were able to win only 9 rounds in their las 3 lan matches.lost 6 out of 9 matches last 2 can bring any excuse you want but that doesnt change the fact that they are far f...
Tier 1 Teams?
offline? yea sure,2x group stage exit in a row.definitely t1 team offline lul
Tier 1 Teams?
fnatic:D? could say godsent and nip aswell then
Elysium WoW
yea its good but exping is pretty difficult atm...depends on class ofc. and que is poisonous in peak time
Elysium WoW
playing on warmane rn...seems pretty good
dead talents
Not sure if trolling or completely clueless lol
MSL ?????!?!?!?!?!?!!!
it isnt as simple as that.the most important thing is how do their contracts look like...
is G2 the best team in the world ?
no lol...