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Liquid's chances against Vitality
stew is igl
Cloud9 oh well here we are:)
i didnt say that he is better. i only said that idisbalance is pretty average(maybe worse) as an awper and degster looks like up and comming talent so i would probably give it a try
Predictions 21/01/2021
honestly all matches are imo 50:50 -navi was terrible vs liquid so they can lose to col as well. especially if s1mple will have slow start like yesterday -if g2 practiced and figured their things out...
top2 players 2021
yea sure i agree. both s1mple and zywoo are individually on another level and with more achievments and some major on their belt they could be considered as the greatest but for now i dont see a bette...
1.07 vs top30, 1.05 vs top20, 1.00 vs top10 and 0.95 vs top5 with 66.3% maps with 1.00+ rating as an awper? disagree...
top2 players 2021
the greatest of all time and the best of all time are 2 completely different things and achievments(majors especially) are HUGE argument for device being considered as the greatest of all time
top2 players 2021
device was +-top 5 player whole his career, reached top20 his very first year as a pro. doesnt matter which team mates he had and he was still top5 player firt half of the last year. he reachod top3 a...
top2 players 2021
and how do you want to explain his earlier performances when astralis didnt even exist? or how do you want to explain first half of 2020?
ZywOo TOP?
Zywoo vs S1mple
we will see:)
"we all know" ehm no
nt thorin