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[!] Paris
yep and all these assholes praying for Paris when theres much more killing in Kenia or Lybia.people are so dumb i hope more bombs explode just to fucking wake them up
Windows 10 and CSGO
increased my fps and my game runs smoother than before.i am very happy with it tbh
type anarchist into market search thats one of the cards,rest u can find on google and than find them on market.or just type into google how to level up on steam,basic
maybe on steam market??
Drake VS Meek Mill
+ + + +
OPskins is it reliable
it worked for me,i traded like 125dollars in skins to my paypal account :D
NA ?
maybe its a bo1 but they outplayed nV in a fashion,and thats not easy
Pasza chicken revenge
instant karma
Xizt about betting people
Skins Seller
Is there a safe way to sell skins? i have like 200e worth of inventory and i really dont care about skins,i care about real money tho :D
Best DJ/Producer from your country?
they suck together tho,been on dixon show 2 times he was gr8 but with ame he was boring ;/
Best DJ/Producer from your country?
germany:+ dixon canada: Richie Hawtin
Best DJ/Producer from your country?
hahah i listen to different types of music,electronic music is one of them :) i grew up on hip hop tho :D
Best DJ/Producer from your country?
do u even listen techno music? u have Joris Voorn and bunch of other great djs and producers in netherlands
Telephone choice
i got iphone 4 for 2 years now,no problems and works perfect,one of the best phones i had besides nokia 3310 :D