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mouse2 duck..
The 1.6 players got this habbit from "duckjumping" or "Russian jump" as we say in Sweden. It made you be more silent while running, also your hitbox went up and down fast, so harder to hit.
Reason vs INFINITY
The Infinity lineup is disbanded. We're playing this game as a mix with our old roster.
ptr annoying af
ptr is doing a great job. Trust me, it's needed in cs
I have a spare 2550k want it?
Pizza Price in Your Country ?
Do you live close to ottowa?
orbit fifth?
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orbit fifth?
Hint. Look at us. We need to drastically boost our hair ratio. With no exception. It's a must. Only then can we win this game.
Titan vs Orbit
We all have ups and downs. Three of them had just came home from Serbia aswell. The waiting during the travel was long and exhausting for them. I think they can do a lot better than that in the future...
This was a very interesting read for me. Maybe someone else find it interesting aswell. Scroll down and read the text below "In the name of god."
Analyzing Olofmeister's jumpshots.
Try shooting on the way down. It's a higher hit percentage.
Inspirational movies !
EYE@FLUSHA+JW in rematch
Isn't truly a shame for Sweden a little bit too much. They have not been busted yet. If flusha and anyone else in the team doesn't cheat they truly are number one and deserves it. Their actions haven'...
Solution for Dreamhack
This would cause 100 problems and unstable event. They are strict with their schedule.