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GRILL problem
just be straight about it. give it one more shot, if she refuses, man up and move on, and never ever try again.
Maikelele n his gf
oh come on stop whiteknighting what kind of harrassment are we talking about here?
Post a pic of your gaming setup
Samsung 2233RZ 23" 120hz
pasha crying after donate
Its Enough
"They Are Calling SS Onliners or hackers because they are from turkey and they are muslim" Butthurt much? People call anyone onliners or hackers until they don't prove themselves. Why do you bring ...
Why don't you lift?
boys have swag, men have class.
Why is Hungarian the ugliest language in the world?
lies. its a soft dictatorship. Orbán and his maffia are ruining this countrys chance of a decent future. don't believe anything you hear on TV about politics, just ask yourself the right questions and...
What country would you like to live in?
Anders Complaining
what is wrong with you people? :D nothing is good enough?:D
Was my friend cheating?
Yes he was. /thread
i5 4430 + 750 Ti FPS
Thanks guys! :)
volgare throwing
I don't believe they are. rmL is trying to pump up the adrenaline in volgare, hes constantly shouting at people and stuff. It's just WiLD playing on their map and also out of their mind right now.
:D the odds swaying is real for Gabi :D
volgare is the strongest team in hungary. the 2 candidates for the spot in the finals are WiLD and Ancients, who are playing against each other right now. :) WiLD has a reasonable amount of ski...
Rank dropped after won match
Finally someone gets it right instead of saying bullshit like "kills matter a lot"... +107065502