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wyd right now
waiting for my scav time limit to reset so i can play another scav run on escape from tarkov... which is in about 30 seconds from this posting
did u quit csgo?
hehehe, youre not wrong
did u quit csgo?
its not life that sucks, its getting old that sucks
did u quit csgo?
"the actual 5v5 game became tedious and boring to me" this is it. the quest for the clip or clutch or insane shot doesnt reward like it used to. i like your approach to DM which i noticed ive been pl...
did u quit csgo?
not quit, but i find watching pro matches more and more enjoyable than actually playing these days
lmfao... i mean, yeah that was incredible, but spunj sounded like an absolute dork there.
Link your fave song
New Keyboard
Vortex race 3 rgb. Just a bit more than your budget, all the switch options you need. I got the non led with silent silvers for $110 a couple years ago. Small footprint saving desk space, no obnoxiou...
Best energy drink?
movie or series
twin peaks season 1 is pretty excellent
sad songs come here
Blonde Redhead, nice.
ence robbed
What point are you trying to make and how does it relate to my post? Are you disagreeing with the gist of my statement in regards to the original post or nit-picking something of no consequence for th...
ence robbed
Obvious bait... but these are professional teams with managers that read and understand the tournament rules/conditions. If they do not convey that information to their players after the tournament co...
cs 1.3-1.5 because the memories chess ( its free