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I r8 your fav song
xD Wtf...I dont understand people who actually like this kind of music , lol. U need to be high on drugs to listen this shit...well , your choice
Did i miss?
Quit CS GO 3 years ago , still here tho...not that often as before,but still here. Sadly my old boys from 1.5/1.6 are doing bad but still fun to watch some CS .
Pansy stfu
Who gives a fuck about how she is looking , jeez. Go watch a porn or something if this matters to you , she is not that bad at casting but again..who gives a fuck,I can enjoy a CS GO game even with f...
Disrespect Everywhere
You know 90% of people here are 12-16 yo kids , probably they are not that stupid as it seems ,just they think its cool to make fun of someone else country/religion / fav team / we. Most of them have ...
sleep paralysis
”Our father”. Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespass...
sleep paralysis
Yeap it actually can force closing your eyes and it helps most of the time , but i prefer the faster xD
sleep paralysis
No , never...only that time she was almost there , near window ... the problem is that I have this kind of dreams only when Im sleeping in the afternoon,thats why I never slept for 2,3 years afternoon...
sleep paralysis
No usually she is moving like fking slow and i manage to somehow say the pray in my head and wake up ... only 1 time I ”managed” to move and not being paralysed and I tried to..close the window , dunn...
sleep paralysis
Everytime I had them , I see a fking demon or a fking old women running at me with a knife while Im in my room and she is in my garden...this shit is fking scarry even when I remember srsly.
sleep paralysis
Dunno if u are joking or not , I used to have this kind of ”dreams” often , this shit is fking scarry...everytime I have them I say a pray in my head and I can wake up after this . no joking
Good cs1.6 fragmovies ?
Most hated cs pros ever?
Read above smart ass.
Most hated cs pros ever?
lel I mean count , dunno what I was thinking.
Most hated cs pros ever?
moe-ex pro? Cmon cant guy this guy as a fking pro at any time.
NiKo gaining weight?
nope. fat=skill. lose fast=lose skill gain fat= gain skill