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N word
Its lan m8
You can report his profile on steam. Kappa
budget pc for 144Hz
i3850k clocked to 4.6ghz, gtx 980 here, 8gb ram on 3000mhz. Ez fps almost never dropping below 300. I would say 8350k clocked > 8100 and its better buy just my toughts
lvl 10 faceit
Well that question you made doesn't make sense then right? Altho i agree you could see some boosted lvl 10
lvl 10 faceit
Are you SOMEHOW lvl 7 that thinks he has better aim/movement than lvl 10 ? :))
The Promised Neverland
Im reading manga. Its awesome
Is Serbia in danger?
I mean yea, tought you were talking in general didn't mean to offend you or anything. South-western part, proly the only town with muslims % beeing that high.
Is Serbia in danger?
Where did you find muslims/bosnians in southern part of Serbia dude?
Is Serbia in danger?
Song was serbian before he went shooting, and some of the names on the gun are serbian historical dukes or w/e u wanna call them who were takin wars MOSTLY against Ottoman Empire.
Is Serbia in danger?
Yea you were giving them hugs.
Is Serbia in danger?
What are you talkin about? Thats absolutely not true.
174cm almost 18 yo
This reminds me few days ago i played faceit where some kid called me "very skilled grandpa"... Ye im 2,5k elo casual 15hours in 2 week fella. NOT EVEN TRYING KIDS, DONT TRIGGER US OR YOU WILL FEEL TH...
CR7 = forsaken?
+1 both crazy good
+1000 to this. holding angles and killing people on spawn is mega retarded. Music on + run and gun is best way for you to pracctice your aim and movement. Cheers