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Thank you man
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Name : Zeeky Team : Virtus Pro Map : de_overpass
I am MG 2 in Asia but Eagle when we moved here in EU
Well a month Ago the biggest vac wave came and everyones elo was reset so without cheaters your past matches were canceled which you lost probably against Cheaters so that is why your rank went that h...
Top 3 best games you ever played?
Single Player Assassins Creed Series GTA Series(Including GTA 1 2)Most Played : GTA Vice City NFS Series(Including NFS 1 also)(Most Played Tie Between Mostwanted and NFS 2) MultiPlayer CS:GO ...
Your rank pre/post vac
hahah you are every where I should be aware while answering my door i might find you out there
Your rank pre/post vac
Pre- LEM Post- Global http://oi58.tinypic.com/30jgnyq.jpg
Your first game ever on pc?
Played Pitfall And Nfs 2 on my cousins pc then after buying my own pc first game i installed was midtown madness Back in 2000 but still my first was prince of persia 1 on my school pc :P
csgo fps
i Got core i5 4590 With GTX 650 and i get 300-400 fps on 1024x768 All low but that is because of 4th gen is better my friend got the same pc but 3rd gen i5 he gets 200-250 max 280 on all low and i get...
Major´s Souvenirs!
Dreamhack 2013 Watched on Twitch but didn't link the account Katowice 2014: 1 Drop Esl Colonge : 1 Drop Dreamhack 2014 : 3 Drops 1 dust2 1 inferno 1 Mirage ESL Katowice 2015 : 3 drops 2 dust2 1 Ca...
same man Only i got bronze in cologne because os starting late and not playing the group stages But DHW Was 1 point away from gold finally got it :p
Best anime that you have ever seen?
Because i love these main steam animies/mangas + i watch alot of them then these mainstream animies like sword art online fate zero no game no life etc
Best anime that you have ever seen?
Fav Animies Rank wise 1-One Piece 2-Naruto 3-Deathnote 4-Bleach 5-DBZ 6-Fairy Tale These are the animies that are my FAV but of all of them one piece is still the best for me but if you haven...
cant buy keys in CSGO
I use to have the same problem but then i reinstalled window once it was solved
Hours lived and rank
184082 LEM