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I guess your IQ it calls haitian yw
1 millionth hltv account
So everyone who uses 0x0 is my alt ?
Bravado vs Iceberg
titanic once tried to beat it, we all know the end of the story..bravado not gonna be the exclusion aswell. edt. kappa
i need help building a PC *heres what i got*
go official website, download iso, make isntallation flash drive, get kmsauto, use it on installed win, profit
top 10 most corrupted countries
i am pretty sure its
1.6 legends
funny that you mentioned GuardiaN, olofmeister, oskar, swag over allu, n0thing, karrigan, bondik, kio..all those players were BY FAR mroe known @cs1.6
1.6 legends
i do not agree on taz, but itll be trully sad day for cs scene when f0rest/neo gonna retire
1.6 legends
dude, you jsut cant place f0rest into this list he's still decent after all this years and pretty consistent overall
mouz = Liquid.EU
i am pretty sure that astralis is one step ahead of mouz at the point of this comparison kappa
top 10 most corrupted countries
r8 my new song
i was listening to this track and i regret the desicion to pause it and listen to your track, srry.
top 10 most corrupted countries
colombia* jsut missed the key, its pretty dark outside here :c
top 10 most corrupted countries
whole cis is top10 for sure + brazil/colombie/peru at least
Did u ever cheat?
i was cheating on my exGFs when i was younger, noT regret it, but not cheating anymore either
na`vi aka from top2 to tier2 (sometimes, usually tier3 but it doesnt fit the rhyme kappa)