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dark souls 2
A few places were changed, changed balance a bit and that's it Just go for scholar and dont bother (but that's the worst part in trilogy)
-lucky? this guy literally carrying whole g2 lol. Flair checks out.
SA irrelevant country
Brazil, venezuela, argentine, chile, peru, colombia, uruguay, paraguay, bolivia, trinidad and tobago, guyana, suriname, french guiana, carribean netherlands, aruba, curacao, falkland isles. But all ex...
SA irrelevant country
All of the countries at all other mainlands are meaningful in one way or another, but most of the african coutnries are basically the same :|
SA irrelevant country
I have problems just memorizing all african countries, jsut oo many of em there :|
SA irrelevant country
Maybe =]
SA irrelevant country
18 * #98+#94 *
SA irrelevant country
#98 + #94
SA irrelevant country
I am not countring <1M countries as relevant. edt. I do not disrespect them, but they looks more like some1 wants to feel the power of leader, those could achieve much mroe by joining bigger countries...
SA irrelevant country
Well, 3 - ecuador, bolivia and venezuela.
SA irrelevant country
There is less than 10 country in SA in total lol. Colombia/brazilia/peru/argentina/uruguay/paraguay/chile. I think i am missing 1.
Ez for my boi freeman
I hate AUG
Not playing cs for over 3 years now, but i like to see it on stream =]
Not About TACO
youre a fucking liar, you have 0 ethic, i dont give a shit for what you have done in the past and this topic is dead for me.
pro m4a1-s