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You cannot argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience. Yet we always try.
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The KQLY heard round the world.
I was watching the match then had to get up from the PC to do a few things. Wish I would have seen it live, just good to see those moments of sportsmanship shine on the same day something unsportsmanl...
new monitor
When it comes down to a monitor that supports a 120Hz refresh rate and has the capabilities you want it to have at a decent price point, you have to do some research. Also your budget on what you wish...
new monitor
HDMI does not support the Hz the monitor would output at 120. If the monitor has a Displayport [Which supports the sound output as well, similar to HDMI but allows the Hz to be recognized] / Dual-Link...
SmithZz joining NiP
In true Roman fashion, SmithZz has to fight DSN to the death for the last spot. Unfortunately for us as viewers, DSN exploits the French aspect and they have a civil conversation that ends with SmithZ...
Rape - what would you do?
There stood a time where a man was not a man until he had proven such by letting no harm come to his family or loved ones. Those days are long gone and in a day where getting a gun is just as easy as ...
Some mouse from 20 € - 60 €
I was merely pointing out the longevity of my mice in comparison to your generalization. Not everyone experiences the same as the next user, so your need to be a dick is not justified. If I was lucky,...
cph 2013 will be the most competitve tournament in the history of cs go
As interesting as the point may be of winning the last big tournament in CSS, it still does not discount the truth in the performances by VG during their entire stay. VG was the better squad in CSS, b...
Some mouse from 20 € - 60 €
Razer Deathadder for 2 1/2 years no problems, Razer Copperhead for 3 years no problems until my cat broke my M1 button. Currently have not encountered any issues with my Thermaltake mouse, but that is...
cph 2013 will be the most competitve tournament in the history of cs go
VeryGames #1 CSS team, 43 LAN wins out of 49 attended over four years. Nonetheless, I do believe this will be interesting. As far as "competitive" is concerned, the best game we have seen competition ...
razer deathadder black edition problem please help!!
I have never encountered this issue with my Deathadder, although I have seen people comment on it. Only thing I can say are pretty much all common sense to anyone with high grade mice. Make sure the s...
razer deathadder black edition problem please help!!
Have you adjusted your settings via Razer Synapse? Such as the DPI etc?
Best browser game for time killing?
Don't Starve [Available for Google Chrome. Still in Beta, but you also get 2 Steam keys, and 2 Chrome keys when purchased via the website for 11.99$]
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Happy holidays, happy new year and all that good shit.
what do you expect for next update cs PROMOD?
A variation of what Alba posted on : "Priority list for the upcoming patch (for now, don't take it as a definitive or anything) Auto Updater Unconnected bug Improve the disti...
CSP- funny mOEment - mOE tryin out cspromod
LOL "Fuckin' rookie mistake bro. WHY?!? WHY WERE YOU EVEN THERE?" As mOE is chewing sTENo out thoroughly. Priceless.