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at least they've made to the playoffs, while tyloo are yet to pass the groupstage at international tier1/2 event
Avicii :'(
a huge fame and attention should really had affected his life on a negative way also, considering that he was introvert
fucking rip
i've read that at some point he was drinking a lot and that cause some health problems. Also he was more of an introvert, so all of that fame and attention should have really came to his life on a ne...
im 23 and not millionaire yet AMA
exchange $10 000 into 1 000 000 cents and you'll become one
jews pros
dreamhack left ear
same thing
-depends if Embiid plays. -still not totally sold on Pelicans taking the whole series. Their bench is literally non-existent.
Marseille stream volume
so how is it possible that the sound from "commentators" is good on both sides, but in-game stuff (when players are changing their guns or shooting) i have like 80% sound on the left side
This online peace of asian shit
Problem with a girl
When a girl often touches a guy, usually that's one of the strongest signs that a girl can show that she likes him. By doing that she also gives a guy "green light" to make a move on her (asking for d...
worst eu countries
New Lithuanian org
Saboni, ar isbegsi i "CSGO aikstele"
dAT vs 6558H
raise your OverDrive
Girl talked to me
if you want to go for a relationship: - Don't show that you're "desperate" for a relationship. - Don't make her feel that it's all about her. Don't maker her be the "number one" priority in your li...