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NiP cant continue with this line up!
Other teams are simply better. If you count players that can win a game by themselves, the differences start to appear. Friberg, Xizt and Allu are good, but they could never dominate the way olofm or ...
allu kicked after kotowice ?
He was nervous, you could see it on his face and play. Who wouldn't be? First Lan with NiP and on stage.
Only a moron would NOT predict Titan at least be top3 in this tournament. They have been playing insanely good online and they have the best player in the world at the moment. In a rematch I'd still ...
SS Rival
Worst grip texture for me.. it makes your hand sweat making it impossible to use the mouse. First mouse ever that has this problem
CSGO Fps problems - Sorry for another thread
Should be a steady 300fps with those specs
Minimum FPS?
50 is enough. My laptop averages at 50 fps, 15 at worst and 100 at best. Was global elite at some point.
Got Rival for christmas, after 3 days of trying I'm back with a semibroken ms 3.0.. why? The spotty grip, especially the thumb grip, is terrible for me. It feels like I have no grip at all, only make...
reflexes / training_aim_csgo
NiP dominated the scene until ScreaM found this map..
u know why there is no frag movies for CS:GO?
What makes a frag impressive is that it doesn't happen often = it's rare. In CS:GO things aren't rare because the mechanics are noobfriendly. Even noobs have managed to do the things that we expect b...
still not
Why sweden best cs country ever?
Because Swedish people have a winning culture like no-one else. Closest example would be the US. A culture where sulking and whining are not tolerated, whereas encouraging and not giving up are praise...
"ignorant" And what does that make you then? Your whole argument is based on him saying nothing, when he actually SAID that he doesn't know shoxie's status in CS:S and asked the twitch chat for some ...
Petition: Anders to stream @ DHW!
It might do Anders some good to skip casting this event. He casts like 90% of the games at the moment and like it or not, people need some change too. And I think he's a great caster.
Matchmaking System
Besides a good score it matters who you kill. If you kill someone at your rank but die to players lower than you, the impact will be negative.