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Yeah she is...Would you mind leave my Profile alone anyway..

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Why ence not Top5..Rigged site
KennyS ????? 2k18. Frenchies can't take critics..I always thank Zidane for Italy WC. They are so easily to get triggered. Check my Flag..Allu 3 > Kenny 2K18
NiP wins next major
Nip needs more time..Nothing changed after roster change..NiP gonna be worse than they were.
S1mple shaking AF
Just rolfed nowadays "globals" in hltv
Is e-sports a sport?
No and never will be...End of discussion..
Coldzera best player ever?
KennyS who=?
You lost it..Get outta here!
TaZ disrespectful
Nip and VP..True friendship my friends :(
Why FaZe will dominate
Sorry but I have been too long for here to start cheer for some teams... And I still think 1.6 Prime times were much more entertainment to watch than nowadays CS:GO.. Valve has made broken game which...
faze lol
That not gonna take long...Thanks MR. IzNoGoud MR. Rain might die overweight before..
Why FaZe will dominate
Yeah that's the logic...Get your MS paint and imagine the bigger picture...
Why FaZe will dominate
Oh sorry that makes the Faze Superior..SK lost twice bo3 to Liquid :D... Mark this day on your calendar and call me when Faze actually wins TIER1 Major.
Why FaZe will dominate
Did we watch same tournament? Faze played vs Virtusplow ChokeAstralis Clown9 with Tarik as IGL and RUSH.. LOL Liquid < Mousesports Faze didnt play vs TIER1 teams...Astralis...Even top4..is was...
Rip Immortals????
Let them party and play little cs with hang over. They still beat FNS nab team...You should give NiP also some beer to win games.. I giggle little bit both of those things 2k17... Dreamhack Tournam...