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your flair "<3 device" is so ironic to your post. i never saw better specialist of choking than device. OMEGALUL
Germany spy scandal
If you never saw Russian spy then don't talk. There are many spies and hidden agents even in politics of many countries in the World.
Ruskies come here
He was the guy who told us all shit Putin was done to Russia. Nemtsov was very useful. Unlike Putin who is destroying Russia from inside.
Ruskies come here
+1 vatniks are all brainwashed debils
Putin is the main terrorist
Don't be surprised. It;s the same here in Belarus. People, especially young people, don't eat propaganda so much like it was before. We can see the truth :) I think big revolution will be in future fo...
Putin is the main terrorist
Do you think I'm USA lover? Or Trump supporter? I just said that Putin is terrorist and scammer + he did too much shit to call him even "normal" not talking about "good" or even "best".
Putin is the main terrorist
That must be truth, cuz I don't belive that Pootin influenced so much with his propaganda even on EU people :)
Putin is the main terrorist
Chechnya, Ukraine, Afganistan, Georgia. You need more? All that under fucking Pootin.
Putin is the main terrorist
Putin is the main terrorist
True story
Putin is the main terrorist
Putin is the main terrorist
Putin is the main terrorist
Haha. Funny to read how some foreign people support Putin. You guys are so stupid. Your romantism towards this scum is pure retardness. Putin is the biggest scammer on planet. He can ruin any country,...
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
16-0 for NaVi plz
BIG vs Natus Vincere
They thought not like that. They thought that Na`Vi are too bad on dd2. But it's true, it's average map for Na`Vi. But skillwise Na`Vi players are 3-4x better than BiG.