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Kennys and AWP
try to take 3 shots to your legs and still run..comparing real life to a game is a pathetic argument.
why mechanical keyboard?
the loudest switches are the blues and the greens, so if you want a bit more quiet buy browns or reds or the hevier versions of them the clears and blacks. Also you can buy some rubber rings which wil...
why mechanical keyboard?
the biggest advantage against the regular membrane keyboards is that you dont need to bottom out the keys to make the keypress register.You barely have to touch the key and if you get used to it and u...
Razer Deathadder Chroma vs Deathadder 2013
sorry but I had only bad experiences with razer products too. I had Razer Krait a couple of years ago and later Ive tried the razer DA. Both had the same issue, they couldnt keep up with my game on 40...
The fact is, lurrpis lobbied so hard to get fifflaren out and he succeeded, now he is flaming fnatic. VACation inc for fnatic ? :D
pronax interview
LOL his teammates said he is clean, the rest of the pro scene is convinced he was cheating.
Pasha VAC
In that case we can cut off his dick as he promised :D
LAN ban in 1st game of DH 2014 on main stage live!
smart marketing by valve :) 1st game of the tournament will have huge viewer count just because people want to see fnatic get vaced live. GG Valve WP.
taz zakoncz kariere / taz end of career song
Taz is love, Taz is life. :D
No improvement in DM
there are HE grenades in the pool and you can purchase armor on the springboard. I made a fun server with all the classic fy maps like pool day, iceworld, snow etc. like a year ago, and I added free a...
Hungary, Internet tax
I think this will fail. An avarage user would have to pay like 40 Euros monthly
He rage cheated "for fun" in some online match if Im correct because he was bored and he wanted to quit cs. it was pretty lame and obvious cheat.
HDMI Cable
HDMI limit is 60hz and you cant change that. for 120 or 144 you need dual link DVI
How to quit smoking?
I started with 18mg,probably I should had started with stronger nicotine too because I had a little bit rough start :) Now Im using 12mg too and Im fine. And even when I got a little bit drunk once an...
How to quit smoking?
I tried to quit so many times too, but I started over and over again. The e-cigs working pretty good after 2 months of using them I dont feel the need of using regular cigs. Give it a try maybe it wor...