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i think it was an ad lib, not planned.
Your celebrity crush
Kate Mara when she was in shooter and we are marshall
Refurbished iphone??
Hope you have good luck, let me know.
Refurbished iphone??
Ah, gotcha. That LG phone looks nice. Can you believe the AMAZON ceo.. Jeff Bezos is worth .... 156 BILLION DOLLARS??????????? omg
Refurbished iphone??
By they way, that phone looks nice.. Price seems around what It is here, maybe a bit more.
Refurbished iphone??
I misspoke. They are saying, "Battery service at $29 may be limited to one repair per iPhone." So if you need it done, may be 50. I think it is per user though. So you should be fine. If you send to t...
Refurbished iphone??
What do you have? What you mean by big four cutting plan?
Refurbished iphone??
If it has warranty, the battery is free.
Refurbished iphone??
The thing is, they only do 1 battery replacement. I don't know if that works for just the owner, or the phone itself has been through the system.
Refurbished iphone??
Yeah, it's all about being cool. Apple has an incredible image. Most people are susceptible to it. Hell, I am! I bought the XS MAX just because it was the coolest thing out! ( I like the Google PixeL ...
Refurbished iphone??
Same thing, goes to 50 dollars at end of year.
The Departed
Refurbished iphone??
they only go to $50 USD after
Refurbished iphone??
Yeah, that's good right?
Refurbished iphone??
I totally agree, once companies have such a massive brand, that's what they do because everyone still buys it. If less people do, they are more expensive and still probably profit more anyways. At the...