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Some weird unexplainable shit has been happening in my house
xD i was just trolling man, calm down and try to get a logic reason for that
Some weird unexplainable shit has been happening in my house
1- maybe you are a sleepwalker. 2- maybe your dog did open the door, i got 2 and they do stuff like that all the time. 3- the plastic stuff can be something that you dont remember to open and it dro...
Im dating a brazilian grill
the fk bro? xD pluto on drugs!
Im dating a brazilian grill
probably when you get there she has a BIG D xD, but go go go !!! xDDDDDDDDDD
Thorin influence
personaly i think he's a butface, anyway sure he as some influence, but he had way more back in 2014-2016.
he's not joining ntc
Portugal = Cloud9
you never said u have 2 nationalitys u said that you live in a difrent contry so you could not have double nationality. xD but wtv
Portugal = Cloud9
i'm actualy a fan of stewie, the player does not make the country. i think he's a very good player overall just that
Portugal = Cloud9
so you have no nationality???? funny guy xD
Portugal = Cloud9
too afraid to show nationality ? ;D
Portugal = Cloud9
just in your mind xDDDDDDD
Portugal = Cloud9
still mad about EDER MAN? sorry for you 2 </3 u can join him and cry is free
Portugal = Cloud9
still lost </3 cry is free
Portugal = Cloud9
are u mad bro u lost the last 3 matchs vs portugal??? 1) Portugal vs Belgium 2-1 (2016) 2) Belgium vs Portugal 1-2 (2007) 3) Portugal vs Belgium 4-0 (2007) sorry about how mad are u !!!!
SK kNg
prove that or i'll kill you !!!