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There is a third and more probable option.. He has been cheating all the this time and hes so stupid ! :D
"I Only cheated vs other cheaters in MM for revenge" Lol... pull the other one mate. So many gullible idiots on this thread that actually believe that shit too ha ! I always suspected the average HLTV...
R.I.P AK47
Well, if he didn't make such a perfectly reliable gun.. im sure thousands would have been saved because they'd be using shittier weapons. But still.. don't get why people are paying their respects to ...
R.I.P AK47
Must feel good being on your deathbed knowing something you created was used to kill millions of people and will continue to be used to kill millions more.
muslims, seriously?
This has been up for like 3 hours.... are there no fucking admins on this site ? wtf like.
★tweeday trying to scam my knife with his friend.
wtf are you on about lol, why do we have to respect him for deciding to use the knife to further his own channel etc (Give aways by youtubers etc are never only "For their fans" as its a win/win situa...
★tweeday trying to scam my knife with his friend.
Apparently you can sell it for a few hundred quid, sad that people would pay that for a skin but whatever.
★tweeday trying to scam my knife with his friend.
I don't care if it was this guys own fault... not giving it back and completely ignoring him is a scummy fucking move.
Super team
So why would these great source players like kennys and guardian want a 1.6 noob reject on their team ?
1.6 to strong?
Why does it matter if they have higher prize purses ? You're never gonna be getting any of it anyway you noob. Watch/play/enjoy what you want to enjoy, don't do it because it has millions of pounds in...
Jimmy "LiN" Lin - My perspective on CSGO.
Just reads like some thread on this site from the typical 1.6 diehard ("Its just a reskin of CS:S"... what ? its as much a reskin of CS:S as it is 1.6). The only thing that would make the game better ...
1.6 dead
Probably 90% of those players are bots tho...
VeryGames vs Clan-Mystik
-shox +kennyS
Jesus.. this site has some serious amount of retards. btw.. im not talking about the OP.
Ranking systems are not important, if the system was to take into account tournaments over the last 12 months then yes NiP are still Number 1. If the tournament is taking just the last 3 months then V...