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NiP top 1!!! <3
Well,you just give them another thread ;P Stupid 11 yo fanboys will always make such threads after a team win against a top tier team. e.g : VP fanboys after 3 online games,NiP fanboys also ...
NiP top 1!!! <3
Overall in CS:GO history , NIP is and will be top1. No kappa :)
Top10 Team
The only certain top is top 5 . 1.2 Envyus 2.1 fnatic 3. NiP 4.5 TSM 5.4 Virtus Pro
NiPs future
I think you should go back to source and stay there.
You have a lot of clue about 1.6... When Delpan was "motivated" and played 1.6 he was by far the most strong sniper and the most entertaining to watch. Markeloff was a safe sniper,Delpan was that...
NiP vs Envy
Kick Delpan
I don't understand what really you want lol..what I said and what you said. Nvm , #justhltvthings.
Kick Delpan
I like maikel but Delpan is 10 times better then maikel. NiP put a great game against EnVy without any pracc at all with Delpan so yes,NiP is looking really good if they will keep delpan.
I like maikel but Delpan will always be that guy with insane rounds and shots with the big gun. Really miss the old SK lineup with face and RobbaN.
Delpan or Maikelele?
HLTV , think...something is strange here
When you are almost 40yo and your job is CEO for a gaming team you must have the level brain of a kid so is something normal.
iBP Hiko confirmed
Probably ex SK management.
Poland vs France
Neo sucks hard ^^
kennyS is without a doubt the best AWPer
HLTV confirmed.
France vs Sweden
Look at Xizt's achievements , then look at pronnax's achievements , pls... Xizt is definetely much stronger player then pronnax and at least same game knowledge or even better.