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S1mple sticker
I wouldn't sell s1mple's autograph, even if its price would be 10 times higher. Your mistake tbh
S1mple the difference
s1mple = GOAT!
S1mple >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NiKo (rifle) S1mple >>>>>>>>>>>> NiKo (AWP) S1mple >>>>> NiKo (pistols) S1mple even knifed way-way more enemies than NiKo (official matches). The only one thing Ni...
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
Thooorin is actually suoporting Na`Vi and Astralis through all the event. Read his twitter.
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
Na`Vi [16:0] MiBR
BIG vs Natus Vincere
Na`Vi S1mple Na`Vi electronic Too legendary!
BIG vs Natus Vincere
Dust2 is BiG's map... And Na`Vi don't like dd2, but look... Guess what gonna happen on Na`Vi's map?
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
why you talking about team winrate, i'm talking about the most insane player ever - S1mple. his team can't change this fact, only him by himself could drop in his form and change it which most likely...
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
i'm saying that like there were TEAMS who had better teamplay and synergy, but now Na`Vi are on their way to win 1 or even 2 Majors in a row. and they won way more t1 tournaments than this retard post...
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
true what? tournaments is team achievement not s1mple's. he can't win event just by himself no one can at least in modern CS.
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
s1mple seems to be the best player ever as for me and stats can't lie.
s1mple csgo vs f0rest 1.6
Polak here - AMA
well, good rekt by the way
"cold is better than NiKo cos he has two majors"
s1mple > both so what's the matter
Most dominant player ever?
one of the most skilled players ever. what is the problem? turn off your "hater mode" and start to think a little bit.