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islam lies
Stop lying. Islam doesnt promote good things. Its quiete the opposite. Then there comes retards which will say ITS ALL ABOUT INTERPRETATION. DU UH ofc it is. So from promoting good things in...
islam lies
Dont you think that being crazy and being religious goes together ? Believing in a set of barbaric ideas and fairytales classifies as being crazy.
NBK come here
Its actually true. Scream has high ups. Atm hes high. But there will be another period of months when he will be completelly useless since his one clicks wont be simply there... What will you do...
How pathetic and butthurt you must be.... I cant even imagine.
Drake > Eminem
Drake is just retarded rnb singer. I guess this is what kids call nowadays hip hop.
Why ? Cos believing in barbaric set of ideas. Countless lies from Quaran which were proven to be wrong by science count as being dumb. Savage can atleast think to some degree. Has its own instin...
Stop wasting your time on a religious retard who just cant comprehend simple facts. He has no idea who logic means, he cant comprehend facts. He is fuckin blinded muslim monkey with IQ 60 who just ...
Muslims are savages. End of story.
Polaks come here
It is indeed a real simulator for polacks who wanna go to UK and get a job. 10/10 polacks recommends. Good oportunity. Ez life.
wtf turkey 89 they should be like 50-60
Islam topics
Comentary of Quaran ? What is this shit mate ? Theres a lot evil shit in Quaran which is far from peacefull. So dont tell others that Islam is peacefull. And now you gonna cry that its not a true i...
Islam topics
Exactly this.
German muslim population
You are counting with situation which is now. A Year two or three from now situation will be way way fucking worse. Thats just a fact. Or are u really that naive that you think that after inviti...
'All muslims are terrorists'
Sure it does not. It makes you dumb savage cos you base your life on a dumb and barbaric book. It does no necessary makes you terrorist but it makes you to be a prone to terrorism.
Alan Walker
This type of shit is everywhere. Nothing special boring as fuck. Sounds just like thousand songs which came out this year but ye kids will say how fuckin good it is.