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Exporting HLTV games
Rahim "Babam" Abdullaev and ESL Dubai
The leg placement / who's the fastest comparison is just way off, haha, you could have spared that one. Man of the match awards is also not a particularly good example since that isn't really comparab...
Rahim "Babam" Abdullaev and ESL Dubai
Rahim "Babam" Abdullaev and ESL Dubai
Lol, that doesn't make any sense. Golf is an individual sport, CS is a team game.
Norway vs Denmark
wat? That's exactly what an onliner is
Nihilum vs Liquid
There's no draw right, so if CLG wins, how is it determined who goes through between CLG-Liquid and CLG-Nihilum? Edit: nvm, just found it's round difference so as long as CLG don't fuck this up, th...
JW leaving Fnatic?
lol, this is bullshit
JW leaving Fnatic?
Richard Lewis basically uncovered the NA betting scandal
base will rape
Most known person from your Country ?
Had no idea Mr Bean was in cartoons before now, but still, I think Beckham is bigger tbh. Doubt they all have channels where they can see Mr Bean's cartoon dubbed.
Most known person from your Country ?
Beckham is definitely more known, think about all of the 3rd world countries where football is big, they would never know Mr Bean, but they all know Beckham
Rapper (no racism allowed)
Flatbush Zombies anyday Check out their whole album BetterOffDead, it's pristine
LGB vs k1ck
deliberately [BOLD]misspell[/BOLD] on HLTV.
Really miss the Gonzoeah Too bad it got absolute shit in the end, admins banned anything negative during their decline
myKPV vs re:take
your wrist wasn't aiming this game