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muslim's meme.
Thank you Mr.Poland
+1 germanistan incoming.
swedish police women
London Attacker
germanistan talkin. go and find some goat to fuck. you need to relax.
London Attacker
"Poland cooperate with the nazi's full time during the holocaust" 1. what Poland? our country was non-existing and our govermant was in UK. 2. Poland was the [BOLD]ONLY [/BOLD]country during ww2 w...
London Attacker
merkel can force us to do shit. even if they would come here, 1 accident like the one in London and their camps would burn. polish ppl are not brainwashed pussies unlike majority of UK men.
London Attacker
JEW talking about double standards ahhaha give me a break :D 1. All the leftist enhancing "cultural enrichment" and elites in western EU and US are basically Jews funded by another jew (goldman s...
How To Practice as a Team in CS:GO?
My recent video about 5 tips on how to run an effecitve/efficient CS:GO team training.
r8 my country
its had not to have more muslims than sweden if you have no more than 10 000 000 ppl. russia has 144 000 000
Trump is insane
damn you are so sharp. this response almost conviced me to do just that. GJ inet warrior.
Trump is insane
ok Ahmed
Trump is insane
bbc = bullshit broadcasting company
Why muslims always lose wars?
hitler moved 90% of his troops to invade poland. if brits and france would invade germany immedieatly the war would had ended with germany defeat in september.
SK - Wall of Smokes [de_cobblestone tactic]
thanks mate :)
Why muslims always lose wars?
nt hitler fanboy