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Guardiola in bayern monachiuum
he goes to bayern because they have one of the best squads in europe, its simple...! hes a great coach, but i have my doubts about him..
Guardiola in bayern monachiuum
dude wtf??? are u drunk??? "Ac Milan needs rebuilding and I don't think he would be capable of doing that again with minimal funds when he did it already with Barca" minimal founds??? lets see.....
Team NoA
yeah and nip is just nip!!! retarded NoA, Norwegains of America - team consist of members from multiple continents when they formed the team from highly experienced players from Norway, Canada an...
csdm score?
imo its all about how many kills you can get in the shortest time! 5mins 60-75kills is good!! play agressive and u will improve ur aim
Workout in the Gym
if u wanna get some serious mass u should train like: 1-chest 2-back 3-free/legs 4-free/legs 5-shoulder 6-tri & biceps 7-free try do train in about 1h 15mins maximum and go home and eat! E...
ColdGame vs Free Agents
Energy drinks
jack3d our rocked
calc playing DM
yes but i live in portugal
calc playing DM
este gajo foi em 2005 eswc e acho a GameGun com os portugueses Royalflush(spink,fox,calc,insider,judice) e antes disso ja tinha ganho a eswc com os titant
CRistiano Ronaldo Take that
music could be better, anyway good job ;)
3 best singer in your country?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRmQyN8CU8Q portugues pride
Denmark vs. Portugal
"Want to know why he came instead of Liedson? Cuz he's 1,90m tall and we need tall strikers to play against nordic teams" thanks for given me support!
Denmark vs. Portugal
i agree that he has potential...but this game isnt for him!!!! he has no strength against agger and kjaer! hugo almeida would e better choice
Denmark vs. Portugal
i agree that he has potential... but cmon portugal has a lot of alternatives besides of nelson! i just dont agree that nelson has to be the first solution of the substitutes!
Denmark vs. Portugal
nelson oliveira is a joke!