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Liquid REAL fix
Of course, all the BR players hope they can get onto an NA team so they can win another major.
Can you Fix BR scene ?
Just going by what ive seen in 2018 only. With all those players you can build 1 t2 team or 2 t3 teams. that is honestly about it. BR cs is where NA was a few years ago. Hope Fallen can pull anoth...
still doesnt mean they belong in the same server as Faze, Navi, or Astralis tho :D
mibr = noobs
you can't seem to stop responding to me either. I'll do you a favor and stop replying so you can move on ok. lol kids these days :x
mibr = noobs
only insulting because you tried to say i said something that i didnt. You tried to change my words to fit your narrative sorry won't let you do that.
mibr = noobs
He is barely top 20, and has done nothing but fall all year :p He has cold, stew, and fallen as teammates all historically great players. He just isnt that good anymore sorry. Numbers never lie
mibr = noobs
i said he was decent a few years ago...so in 2015 and 2016 he was decent. Are you actually this dumb
mibr = noobs
fuck he was pro in 2015 so over 3 years atleast so i dont see your point.
mibr = noobs
2 years ago in 2016 he was a pro player are you drunk?
mibr = noobs
according to stats when you sort by all big 2018 LAN events Fer is barely top 20. Comes in at 19 overall behind players like elige and autimatic. He was decent a few years ago, but now hes just anot...
Newfags on hltv
my account is so new because i didnt make it till gotfrag and sk forums died :(
Big wasted spot
neo wasn't just better than those players, but way better than those players. The only players you could even talk about in the same breath would be f0rest, markeloff, cogu. German scene had its mom...
Really Old People vs Bravado
oldest person in the match isnt even on really old people?!?!
You give your opinion then say it’s sad fact lol. Do you know what facts are?
c9 fix
The only fix is wait till they have 5. They are playing 4v5 practically. SKA is an innactive standin. Not even an active pro so it’s expected they do bad atm. They will be fine with a real 5th