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Rise Nation vs GX
You’re are trying too hard to look cool in front of me kid. Again I can’t be that hero or father figure you lack. I just can’t. Please stop hanging on my every word just waiting for me to talk to you ...
Rise Nation vs GX
i didnt realize my opinion was so highly regarded that it actually hurt your feelings. This is truely a great honor but im sorry i cant be the role model you need
Rise Nation vs GX
you missed the point friend. both teams suck ass :p
Rise Nation vs GX
You’ve been here since 2017 lol. In the grand scheme you know fuck all about cs lol kids these days
ESportsPools.com (ESP) scam?
Don't use it then
Tier 1 team list
A team that qualify for the Minor is t1??? You sure nip isn't t2 or t3. They can't even make EU Minor that instantly puts 20 teams better than nip
sk without cheats
This has been common knowledge forever. Please come back with something new
Godzera outfragged by FNS ouch
lets talk about t1 events like the major where SK tied with BIG
Gale Force vs Torqued
GaleForce just lost a bo3 to a brand new team with 5 guys that havent played in 2 years LOL
kNg is a GOD
Lol twig ass KNG kid would get his face smashed in if he tried to fight anyone but FNS lol. Funny he waits till the smallest guy in csgo says something then acts hard. I would legit beat his ass and s...
Petition to ban KNG
Thooorin actually does a good job explaining all this and I get it now. We can't look at this like logical civilized people. Because they are savage thugs coming from a poor underdeveloped part of the...
Petition to ban KNG
And I'm pretty sure you have run out points to make. Can't come up with anything better lol. I'm officially not checking this thread again. I'm sure you are going to respond because you need to feel l...
Petition to ban KNG
I like that because I called you out for baiting you are instantly using the "Nuh uhh you are" approach. You have such elevated debate skills lolol
Petition to ban KNG
Yes self defense. Guy enters restricted area of the event without a pass, gets in RL face. Pushes his forehead into his face, gets choked. In this event here though. KNG just threating to murder someo...