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Not quite sure why they would remove any player at this moment since their results have only been improving. Removing their IGL will reset the whole team again and they have to start over once more. T...
Very likely! NIP have no structure at all in their gameplay. Their coach has hugely talented players to work with and comes up with absolutely nothing. Quite embarrassing to see some of these great pl...
He's having a bad period, it happens to everyone. Maybe NIP should consider getting a french player from the highest ranked french team... oh wait... they lost to both complexity and windigo(!) in bo3...
Reason for NiP Failure
Agree on most points here, with #4 being the most important one, while also adding a proper IGL to the team. This whole scenario was blatant to people with just a hint of cs knowledge when dennis cam...
Supposed to be 250/250. http://www.speedtest.net/result/7390048171
1.6 "majors"
Can only agree with this comment. Well said.
-lekro +xizt
Comparing a lurker and an entry-fragger just by their kills/death ratio is not an accurate comparison of their individual skill level though, which im sure most kids on this website unfortunately thin...
Changing the roster isn't going to help faze. The fact that you even consider the number one team in the world to change their roster is retarded in itself. They need to learn how to not choke in ever...
CS GO > 1.6
Spraying wasn't random as fuck in 1.6, it just shows you have no idea what you are talking about. It's not a fixed pattern like in CS:GO so you have to adapt to the recoil rather than just following a...
top 5 aimers
It's a good list of the best aimers. I would probably add ropz and f0rest to complete the list. Shroud when he was active was definitely a top aimer aswell.
NiP, Fnatic,Godsent swap ideas?
Yeah im sure he could. flusha is most likely a more complete player in general but for that specific role I would pick lekro.
NiP, Fnatic,Godsent swap ideas?
Agreed, I would replace flusha with lekro to have a more offensive player/entry and rather have twist as an IGL with support from threat.
flusha last hope
How is the belgian scene looking right now? Any teams to look out for?
Sweds come here
Nope, Mathias I guess would be sort of equivalent.. Matti is, as you say finnish and not very common in Sweden.
fnatic looking great.
Considering three of the players were part of the most dominant team in cs:go history it's unlikely that this will be a problem.