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Microsoft 3.0
Zowie G-TF
Steelseries 6Gv2
Sennheiser PC 320 G4ME
Samsung SA32A700D
Mouse Bungee v2 White

640x480 @ 120 HZ
Large white crosshair

4/11 windows
3.66 ingame
125 HZ

Forum posts
microsoft 3.0
Esea view of The Future of Counter Strike
i only play 1.6
Esea view of The Future of Counter Strike
WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG about the 1.6/source thing. Most source players are like: Ive played 1.6, but i dont really like the graphics or the gameplay, ill stick to my own game instead. ALL 1.6 playe...
nix0n top#1 ?
jesus christ stop with this nix0n faggotry. sure, he did a great job stepping in for 2-3 matches in mTw, the ONLY reason he won the MVP award was because all the hltv.org fanboys screamed their lou...
Top 9
delpan zneel friis karrigan f0rest markeloff taz neo trace No order =D
SK,AGAiN,NAVI - interesting facts.
oh jesus not you again
sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro
what mouse do you use? looks like really smooth movement.
What mouse to buy?
i dont think so, in the first batch doubleclicking was very common and the scroll had the 3.0 bug, but they seem to have fixed it for the second batch, i got mine today and after a few hours of intens...
Starix Setting ?
definetly not, hes on a sponsorship deal with steelseries and he has to use either ikari, sensei, kinzu, kinzu v2 or xai.
Kinzu vs IE 3.0
kinzu, xai, 1.1, EC1, EC2, 3.0, or Deathadder. Small mice: Kinzu, EC2, 1.1 Medium-sized mice: Xai Big mice: 3.0 Deathadder EC1
ban mousesports
i actually get it, but you dont.
ban mousesports
yeah i dont think na'vi should be punished, but its rly hard to just punish ceh9 alone :/
mousesports vs Lions
What mousesports did is called CHEATING or MATCHMAKING. They should be banned from dreamhack, cs is all about fair play. NO its not alright to do it because everyone is doing it, stop repeating tha...
ban mousesports
no, its called CHEATING or MATCHMAKING