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Steam CS
well steam is different dude.. non-steam is crap
Steam CS
well I dont have a credit card or something soo.. unfortunately I cannot buy from internet
Steam CS
ok, now go away
thank you, case closed.
1.6 It's not dead yet
maybe.. but it will live forever and the crappy global offensive cannot beat the pleasure of the REAL Counter-Strike.
1.6 It's not dead yet
Guys, I cannot believe some of you, for many years CS 1.6 has been your daily game and today you say that IT'S DEAD.I've played CS for more than 4 years and those were some of the best days in my life...
lol didn't notice that >_<
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME ... cookies per sec. really addicting -_- been playing it since yesterday and going on...
Internet connection
10/2 for 20 euros.
NATO to attack Syria.
also people who take boys in army can refuse to do that.. then there would be just some old mans who would be alone cuz they give orders
NATO to attack Syria.
I dont know why there are soldiers in armys like NATO, SWAT and so on...They will someday hurt or kill their own family on wars... If everyman would refuse to join army, no one couldn't do something....
best song ever Martin Garrix - Animals
Dude, Im a DJ myself and I like/play House, Techno not that crap.
best song ever Martin Garrix - Animals Best song forever
best song ever Martin Garrix - Animals
Electronic NOISE Music
16, anygame