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M0E "S1mple is losing the battle against acne"
Because he always plays the victim and his fans are morons, that's all.
xizt GIRL friend????
That's not the same girl as on the picture.
Removed ?r=1366205 and it looked fabulous.
144hz monitor
BenQ XL2411Z, yet to have any problems.
FaZe future?
Being shit is what got Pimp kicked, people say that MSL forced him to AWP, but do you remember the times when he literally stated that he'd start AWPing and in the future would be a main AWPer.
SKILL GAP Between MM and ESEA ?
What the fuck did I just read, FaceIT players are fucking dogshit and in order to get decent enemies, you need to be Gold+ rank.
SKILL GAP Between MM and ESEA ?
Skill is definitely a lot better across the board in ESEA, but, you also have a lot of the dumb fags that plays for the RWS and don't know how to play when the bomb is down etc, meaning that you have ...
MM rank sucks
If by always you mean that you're shit and can't carry atleast some games, the problem is you. MM is easy enough that by entry fragging properly, you win most of the games, only difference is that ...
MM rank sucks
Wants to be the next DEVIL.
MM rank sucks
If you're taking OP seriously you're a fucking moron mate.
MM rank sucks
There are shitters in all ranks in MM, only thing is, that the highest ranks are just better, but overall, they're all shit.
Is Throin a virgin?
That's why you disable retweets, I've only seen him post Kate Upton pictures/gifs.
Completely fine here with my BenQ XL2411Z.
s1mple*s new team
There's no way the guy fucking talked about it?