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Ukrain and Russia
All ukrainians went to Poland and russians left as they think they own this country.
Have to Run 3km in 12min
3 days ago i did 3.2km in almost 19min. but first time in this year I was runing and not at stadium just near the house, hills etc.
VP 5th?
but they are only team with 4 players in this ranking :P
Cyberussia 2077
hah thats perfect edit, I had some laught :D
Poland come here
You mean "dish washer" i never saw somone who has washing machine in kitchen...
79 years ago its only about one place but there were much more ppl. which Stalin killed...
79 years ago
I was basicly talking about polish kids coz this thread is made by polish kid...
79 years ago
But he also killed 40000 of polish intelligence, then after the War he could easly control of Us...
79 years ago
yeah only coz its saturday they are not, but 01.09 is first day of school.
79 years ago
btw in 01.09 kids should be first time in school after summer vacations not making topics...
79 years ago
someone is educated here;) yeah we were stabbed from two sides...
sad that looks like iIdont like the sci-fi games. Still gonna play it 4 sure even if i will need buy new computer
holly shiet its happening ?! In my job the guys said its almost over but they cant realise it...
Only for Poles !!! BULISHIT
yeah sorry I just copied this from my help answer from forgot about polish signs... but I think its understandable if you want know about how custom service works on this bullshit sh...
Ghost exist?
yeah ask the hltv kids if they believe in ghosts as they sleep with their dads and aint lost anybody...