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Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
Thanks for the feedback, i'm happy that has worked for you !
Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
I'm trying to play with "okl," right now the feels is a little weird but i'll work it :P
Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
I use mouse2 (by that i mean my right clic) to fire (well, i did the change on my SS engine, because the windows one dont work on some game.)
Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
I know,i find that sad tbh, that lefthanded player have so little choice (not that some left mouse arent really good) but the Rival is really confortable, i just cant reach mouse4/5.
Left handed who try to switch need "advice".
That pretty much why i posted that tbh, the answer dont seems to be already well written on Internet ^^ I suppose a lot of lefthanded player are playing with lefthand that being said (well, at leas...
That's sad to see so much people with so little common sense.. (And yeah, for people who dont get it, i'm not talking about KQLY..)
Who is summit?
Yeah, didnt mean you sound like someone who hate him, would not take tike to respond if that was the case ^^ happy to help !
Who is summit?
Summit is basicly a really entertaining guy, and that why he have so much viewers. I dont think (and i'm maybe false on that) that he have a real "career" on CS behind him, but he seems to know a l...
Your aspect ratio?
you should add 4:3 Streched i think. At least that something i would want to know.
is this cheated?
Please can you stop insulting BOT Wally ? I dont want to report you, you seems to be an (a ? someone can tell me ?) honest man, Wally is trying his best, i find sad that people trashtalk him everyday....
OMG Tentpole!
Tbh i think nobody here think we can do better than him at what he want to do, but yeah, that doesnt mean we (or i) can't disagree or dont want to do what he is doing with his body. Nobody blame him, ...
Forgetten players ..
Really want to see mSx playing CS:GO :(
scream hs ratio
I thinks it's more an IGL decision, i really can see shox and scream being a nearly perfect duo. (I havent said it was not the good one btw)
French numbers
Tbh i really think that a pretty good explanation
Question about DPI
Ok, thanks for the answer then !