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kassad story...
glad to hear that
kassad story...
dont be sorry , be better
kassad story...
if this is fun you should go out more... you would be blown away
kassad story...
doesnt make it even slighty less retarded
kassad story...
so , this is either fake or you are pussy ... Makes me wonder why you made this thread....
well he did have insane moments .... but for every game where he was insane there is at least 5 games he fucked up...
overrated plays
its was turning point in huge comeback
csgo without a mic
says dude from Ukraine.. You're pretty much them without good stuff
Fucking JW :D
knife is bm now? Fatty does talk shit but this is not bm like at all
Hong Kong Truth
sure everything is cops fault
Hong Kong Truth
how when there is 10 secs video of cops gang up on rioters " Police brutality" but when there is 10 secs videos of rioters gang up on 1 dude , its "you dont know back story" " dont be quick to judge "...
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
yeah all that is true , its just most of people after transition had no ups and downs that big.. they were either bad or average ( rarely someone really good from 1.6 ) and kept it at that.. Gtr was f...
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
if get right didnt drag his last couple years through mud , he would be clear best all time player.. now its only forest thats left anyway
S1mple cry baby
since when " are you folks fucking retarded or what?" thing cry baby says? toxic maybe ,but they deserved it..
dust2 problems solved
its people favorite map , not valve's.. simple , least tactical of all comp maps , aim duels all across map... remove it from map pool but keep it in mm so its keeps fucktards away from good maps..