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coldzera stats
You said in the comment i replied that the maps changed a little bit, it's not true the maps are VERY differente now from the old CS games. I don't think this update didn't impact the game.. I never s...
coldzera stats
You must be kidding if you think the changes from CS 1.6 to CS:GO are not relevant, the mechanics of the game was a huge, emphasis on huge, change. In d2 for example if you heard someone coming from t...
I just don't get why LG vetoed cobble instead of cache.
NiP vs Luminosity
You know they had to pay the rental for the place they are playing, right? So you have to pay 1 more day for a huge complex just for ONE team can play the tourney 1 day later? Of course not, they'll j...
Hiko in the same level as guardian, olof? Nt sir
Luminosity vs Winterfox
Damn i think i never saw fallen going 0kills in a game lol
Brazil WTF??
You are right about dangerous but poor? You must be kidding lol
The crowd are still yelling luminosity actually. 14-14 now
olof on twitter
Actually it's not too hard to control long with TR if you're not playing agressive. Especially on this boost, probably CT's will smoke the entrance of long to the bomb and you put a man bathroom takin...
olof on twitter
H o l l y F u c k. You must have a little problem in your brain dawg, look the way you type it's so strange, look like you're a primate with a keyboard.
I say LG
Your life must be complicated and sad for hate someone because he made things like this on internet. cya
Luminosity vs Natus Vincere
I know but for example in the 1.6 dust2 you can get a cat boost that was banned on competitive games because it's op.
Luminosity vs Natus Vincere
fnatic is the king of rounds like this. Olof+Krimz always goes nuts in this situations.
You mean been toxic and cancer on a CS Portal is not bad manners aka "HAHAHAAHAHA GET REKT SKRUBS, WHERE ARE YOU BRAZILIAN MONKEY'S NOW?!?!?!?!" You must be joking LOL
I see your point ^^