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NiP vs WiLD
Thanka mate, took me long time!
NiP vs WiLD
I think Wild will be pretty Hungry to win this game, so they'll probably get some rounds
UK Mid skilled player seeks CSGO Team! Preferably a UK team or one which speaks fluent English.
Ask Summit1g, I heard he's recruiting players in his own skill (mid)
who are u
Exertus vs mouseSpaz
30hrs to write 2000 words?
ss5$ vs TC
SK vs ss5$
that was about 7 years ago mate
Natus Vincere vs UniversalSoldiers
get in! good win
Portugal v Sweden
xD stupid russians...
Portugal v Sweden
nop it's an okay result. Portugal only got few good chance excluding the goal, nothing special with that. Home teams are usually the better team, big chance of scoring since we already were pretty clo...
Portugal v Sweden
Sweden got 2 really good chances AWAY, imagine what could happen home:-)) Portugal has the advantage ofcourse but not like it's a big one, I'm sure portugal really wanted a 2-0 victory
Portugal v Sweden
why would we? 1-0 is an okay result since it's away. Pretty bad for portugal but 1goal is okay aswell
Sweden vs Serbia
Xizt is a dickhead... Let fnatic players play for god sake, they are the second best team in sweden and got great individually players
Exertus vs mouseSpaz
never played warz barely know what it is. You're the kid who asslicked him though am i right?
that's not what I am saying, just because Messi is playing in a worse team doesn't mean he's a worse player than Ribery individually. Messi IS better individually and would probably do better(or atlea...