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depends on the veto system. if its ban ban pick pick ban ban or ban ban ban ban pick pick.. 6 in the first one and 5 on the other, usually a team should know 5 for the very least so they can gamble on...
retarded is correct though I think you are correct on the matter.. he is just happy and showing emotion.
!drop cobblestone
I now believe that the Twitch shit doesnt work or something.. first two majors with drops I watched on twitch and on gotv and got 3 and 4 drops.. all the fucking games possible. Now all the majors aft...
DENNIS thoughts?
k bruh
DENNIS thoughts?
yeah that or 40.
DENNIS thoughts?
whatever dude, he is just some virgin 40 year old trying his hardest to troll people. probably not even from greece.
DENNIS thoughts?
just think about what you just wrote, the most childish things there are. shemale must be a new word for you since u use it so often now? just pay ur bills, ur country is in big debt for us. do someth...
DENNIS thoughts?
the greek girls would be ok too if they shaved their moustaches and beards.
zoom sens in new dpi
zoom sens is a multiplier to your normal sens so if u change dpi u just have to switch ur normal sens and keep ur zoom sens the same.
Epsilon vs
seems just like a total meltdown and mismatch of a map between the two.
thanks ie user, I thought you'd post something new.
unhateable players
s1mple was banned by ESL and then he tried to go around the ban by making a new account, he got his ban extended.
Volvo pls fix - smoke in molotov
this has already gotten me killed like 3 or 4 times, how the fuck havent they fixed this already?
Best AWPer
Even Rickeh is 10 times better than Yam.. Yam is good every 100 matches lul.. they should kick Yam since he is useless in that team, his rifles r far below average and awp below average.
Finnish army!
what is a myth? I wanted to be 6 months and so did tens of others that had to serve 12 months.. even one from my squad had a 6month old baby and even he had to be there for 12 months. anyway f...