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did valorant die?
same with faceit ac, esea client and so on.. so whats the problem all of a sudden?
Styko aim
decade top 20
or he was the best player of 2010 and was godtier 2011 2012..?
Star wars LUL
So you are aware that there are 11 Star Wars movies.. right? Nine of which belong to the main saga (three trilogies) and two that are anthologies. Both anthologies are by Disney and also the last 3 fr...
Star wars LUL
um... maybe because 5 of em are relatively new and 5 of them are by disney? wtf? and yes, if u really want me to.. this one is the best of the last trilogy.
Star wars LUL
big difference. these ones are good and those still suck.
Star wars LUL
This one was easily top5 star wars movie imo.. second best out of the new 5 if not the best one. critics dont know shit.
top 5 flukes
Where has NiP been at? #hltvlogic
top5 awpers
s1mple zywoo jame woxic kaze
100 Thieves vs ENCE
god damn I hate tournaments doing this.. early morning/night games and playing over an hour early.. fml
FaZe xantares this is way more accurate..
anders & moses
out of those u mentioned, the order is closer to: moses, anders, sadokist, henryg, machine, bleh, blackddk, ddk, pansy, vince.. but there are some better ones that you didn't list that are all before...
mindblowing movies
the game.
Elige desk
Envavo Heatbuff Xyp9x also uses it
new cache when
wtf u talking about?