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@PIMPCSGO And he spammed the chat a fair few times with how irrelevant and how big of a loser I am :D The mistake I made was fighting it, don't fight ...
Then go punch me... :o - How is that even something remotely okay to say about another person.
This a great example of what you have to deal with as a streamer. People like this "skoluh" tends to belive the bahviour is okay. If I recall correctly that question was asked plenty of times, and als...
Don’t fight it bro, you can’t win against these kids. Stay awesome 😎
Pimp's tweet
I am in FPL, and your attitude is exactly the problem. Dear god you guys live an alternative life in here don't you :D A great guy tells the team to stop cheating, and they kick him? In what world is...
Pimp biased af
Maybe pay a little more attention to what it is im saying. We are two guys on the desk, so ofc. I put my focus on the danes whom i know personally and therefore can provide a little more in depth info...
You actually don’t sir, but you have to be emotionless or at least very cautious about who you engage in a conversation with. I’m over that point, I’d rather have 700 lovely guys who is on bots with t...
The dude you’re talking about was acting and not paying attention to first and team mate and then me. If you act like you’re the center of the world, and get offended when being told you’re not... yii...
Pimp wow
You want it? Go chase it boys!
:'( (Reply needs to have actual content)
why "can't" pro's sign profiles?
Renegades vs Liquid
pimp glasses
Yeah one cross-eyed motherfucker who just happens to be good at a computer game! Ps. send me your wallet, now!!
SK vs Liquid
all the <3 in the world to you :)!