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CS1.6 UPDATE ?????
I don't know if it's just me or my i7 gaming laptop got fucked real bad after the updates. I'm just pissed and can't describe what else to say, i mean REALLY. For me it became worse. My screen randoml...
Petition to remove lurppis as a mod/admin
No, thank you
Best Admin?
Tgwr1s, because he did an outstanding job doing the mvp and tournament statistics article<3
CS: Classy
CSP - forum
CSGO isn’t an enjoyable game to watch
zaihtaM's CSGO rant...?
1+ LOL
1.6 forever <3
This is counter strike 1.6 !! So much emotions and memories :')
Which teams can beat NiP in future? and when?
I understand ur point but you must be realistic ESC [BOLD]can[/BOLD] beat any top team. I can also make a bias statement like this simply because it's irrelevant and childish. Though it's normal fo...
Which teams can beat NiP in future? and when?
NiP: the SK '03 of CS:GO?
You're being ignorant. "ESC has given an example of how 1.6 top players are failing hard in this game." That's absolutely ignorant piece of opinion/statement. You have to consider why ESC attended ...
Sourcers should watch more 1.6 videos/demos of ESC(sarcasm). Now you know why they are called [BOLD]The Golden Five[/BOLD]. Don't underestimate them. You have no clue. This is just one of the times...
Lurppis is bad manner
I'd say less people(generally towards 1.6 community) will ever watch the stream with some random no-name caster. Come on this 1.6 biggest community. They would rather watch Rahim instead because he's ...
What is the most crazy shit you've done?
WHAT THE HELLLL HAHAHAHAHAH fcking killed me +++++
CS 1.6 vs CSS vs CSP vs CSGO
[BOLD]+1[/BOLD] [BOLD]+1[/BOLD] This