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Asia's DreamTeam?
pardon me if i mistaken , Attacker from wings also mad fragger. Zilkenberg Machinegun Attacker MO +1
TheMongolz win Asia Minor
yaeh that is lot of money for them, also winning this tournament might give them real sponsorship, that is the real big thing.
TheMongolz win Asia Minor
TheMongolz vs Renegades
Actually i like aussies people and they are very nice, maybe best country to live but Rude , harsh mongolians make them scare and cry.
my gf is prengant
the best thing should be ask yourself? get over it man
lol supex0 owned this game for 2 years
Well i thought that is the reason why they didnt announce cheaters after they busted KQLY and co. The hide cheaters to save industry
don`t think about how will she think about you , just being honest with her, unless you want to fk her./ which you need to lie/
Ugliest language?
its okay when you hear a man, but woman talks in germany sounds very awful//
Whore Price in your country.
100$ for nice one, 500$ for good one.
2ez4rtz and s4
SOUNDS HILARIOUS =)))))) i just saw him die in fountain
GMX reveals Epsilon match-fix case
WELL WELL seems like all the pro teams did that lets just BAN THEM ALL.
GMX reveals Epsilon match-fix case
nah he just telling coz he kicked? its not truth its just shame, i`m not defending other EPSILON members they are shit. but this guy is even worse.
"Wasted" talents
i believe so
Top 20 players of 2014: apEX (15)
i don`t care what you think but still believe that KQLY NEVER cheated, he just used wallhack for trial. VOLVO never caught him cheating on tournament. VOLVO DISBAND PLS. he should be in top 10 atleas ...
best rapper from 2014
No rapper left in 2014.