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Einstein? Generations to come, it may be, will scarcely believe that such a one, as this, ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.

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ECLOT vs Entropiq
EZ for noobiq
best sweet from your country
https://sedita.sk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Sedita-sirka2.png - I like this one the most
slovakians come here
it means "Hello, how are you?"
RDR2 worth it?
It is worth it, it looks nice on highest settings and story is also great.
Izako Boars vs Sinners
So if you want to beat better team, you are just delusional and you should give up before the match?
I need Polish people +18
he told him truth
Is that police officer who climbs down on rope to "help" him? In Slovakia police would wait for him down, so they can arrest him. I am more scared of his life than he is :D
My GYM stats
Just increase weights slowly, you will become stronger and stronger... but first of all focus on technique
Niko Please Stay in Faze
Why would anyone pay 1M for NiKo? Isn't Faze great example that it doesn't work like that?
just ban nuke, it's the only map they can play
FaZe vs NiP
imagine 15-15 on your own map pick vs. Threat xD
Kaka Messi or Cr7
Spanish league "ain't that good": Champions league since 2010: 6x title for La Liga team (6/10) Europa league since 2010: 6x title or La Liga team (6/10) What is the problem of winning over Spanish ...
Guardian <3 HLTV
It's the same text, but in different books with different covers. And I am only reading it like once per year.
Guardian <3 HLTV
I have read about his motivation too many times to believe.
worst AWPer in pro scene?
because I remember it and he was worse than any of them