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SK vs Liquid
was 13-4 when i started to watch, i knew this would happen. and there isn't even jdm to blame it on lol
SK vs Liquid
woke up to 13-4 team liquid.... wtf is going on
SK vs Cloud9
true. Boltz and taco have been no existent besides 2-3 rounds
SK vs Cloud9
with aggro players like autimatic and stewie, i think if you go where these guys are going they are going to get caught a lot. Same thing can be said for fer though, i.e tarik taking out fer like 4 ti...
SK vs Cloud9
top5 player i dont know, top10 impact player maybe
SK vs Cloud9
c9 is playing well but sk seems a bit shaky in the past month. guys like cold and fer are usually very high percentage duel winners but have been losing a lot lately. They are so good as a team they c...
Thorin Opinion On HLTV
meh, hltv has become more quantity over quality in articles and members. Have to revive sk forums to debate heaton vs zet again
Cloud9 vs SK
only real fans if your team is doing badly? probably called vp fans idiots when they were winning at the beginning of the year
School going to shit (Germany)
QQ, you euros don't know what long days are. Most american schools are 8-16, some even longer. Go take your 6 week vacation
fnatic vs FaZe
this is so pandering to new people that dont care about cs, "yeah dan, he has a smoke grenade, those can obscure vision but he has not used it yet." bro if people are watching cs on tv, they know thei...
liquid gets 6-7 for one good performance? loses all credibility.
Another reason why NA cs is shit.
lol uk has never been good at any game, let alone cs
Another reason why NA cs is shit.
Reason why is how the NA scene creates their players in the current era compared to how it was in 1.6. It would take too long to explain but a short version is the creation of pug services and stats i...
Most underrated/overrated players
Overrated: jw, shroud, hiko, flusha, byali, kennys underrated: taz, dazed, maikelele, edward, jks Explain the non-obvious, byali since he is deemed pretty good while he is the most inconsistent ...