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Save Autimatic
yeah, everyone jump ship. that's how you make a great culture of every few months you leave your team when they do badly.
Why mouz keep picking train?
seemed more like picking a map they might win versus a map they will probably lose and are ok with a decider
-ChrisJ +Apex?
kick the igl who got them there for a dude that frags ok? #fanlogic
where you at s1mple?
how do you think the game works? you just run in and shoot everyone and not take damage? you definitely don't setup your best players to do the most work using players like a taco for a coldzera, yea...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
doesn't help they are all 120 lbs lol
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
low key doe, wtf is with all these players with shitty tattoos? fucking 20 year olds with flowery sleeves playing a video game? dafuq
GTR 112.3 hours Past 2 weeks
if thats 60 hour work week production, it isn't worth it
he is pretty ugly
Lewis Hamilton 5xWC
hamilton wins on straights, dude never makes risky moves or unable to fight well in turns. a robot could do his job, well i guess bottas is the closest
"fixing" Liquid
sure but at the moment a decent awper isn't going to help them, they have all the fraggers they need. They cannot get the team cohesion right
"fixing" Liquid
and pull a koosta again? nah, rather trade a couple of ferraris for nbk
MIBR meaning
mentally incapable but rich
How big will the cry be...
a shitty team losing to a shitty team? either way neither will do well
doesn't really make sense, kick allu for not playing well despite rest of team playing just as badly, ence is making progress with full finnish team and now they want to add a swede that probably isn'...