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TSM through to PGL S1 finals
Na'Vi and LDLC had problems for ages too. shit happens
TSM through to PGL S1 finals
but the thing is that there's no other way to go around it, or would you get a 6th player just to sub-in when someone gets DDoS'd? cuz that isn't gonna be ever viable.
TSM through to PGL S1 finals
"hey ronaldo, can you sub for barcelona? messi just got ddos'd and can't connect" your logic is just wrong for a simple reason. a team has 6 players with each role (yeah I'm counting the coach). I...
csgo ruined?
well when they lose on purpose to get 10000 dollars of skins yeah, it does matter, and it shows how relevant it is to the some teams too. Skins might be shit that kids cry about, but it has real life ...
O'Porto Portugal
Algarve is awesome cuz the beaches are beautiful and really nice and the bitches are nice too D: night life in algarve is really good and british whores love it here D:
O'Porto Portugal
in portugal people are very nice, tourists often compliment portuguese people cuz of how nice people generally are. Thing is portuguese kids think they're cool by trolling a lot in the internet so you...
SHOUW returns in k1ck
Video: byali vs. Tempo Storm
game was 15-13 for virtus pro. Tempo Storm was in a force buy cuz it was the last round possibly, cleaned up and Byali won the game for his team in a 1v3. Be aware that if VP lost this round they'd be...
About [KOOSTA] cheat , overwatch, vac,...
how much?
Kinguin at Faceit
so you're telling me VP uses stand-ins online? cuz there's money on the line either online or offline.
nt fox
-fox +skytten
only reason is SKYTTEN is the IGL and he was not performing on that role very well, they were losing games and they'd seem lost on T side. Well that's the IGL job, to lead the team, so they brought de...
Kinguin win Gaming Paradise Qualifier
but they gave a lot of freedom to NiKo, that's why he performed so well. Scream usually or rain play his role, and ScreaM was playing SKYTTEN's role. I dunno man, but you can't just look at a team and...
Your Age
the atmosphere in the team is very nice, and the players actually seem to like hanging out with each other tbh. Don't think NiKo would be a good fit in the long term. In-game he'd be a very nice fit. ...