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I want to use this space to apologise to my friend
fej for hurting his feelings when I was angry and worried.
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Smooya VAC Banned?
'nonsense conspiracy theories' lmfao I mean, schneider, flusha and co definately cheating. Most tier1 players know it, knew it and have to live with it because valve decided to give them a free pass....
Smooya VAC Banned?
I never got vac banned lmfao. This game died for me way before I got banned though, when you realise that the biggest chance at making it to tier 2 is having a good private cheat you kinda stop likin...
Smooya VAC Banned?
With enough contacts you get away with a vac ban in this scene, & with enough salary you can get a private cheat for lans and leagues as well. This game died when flusha and co weren't banned, anythi...
You can remove one country from your city
worst team possible
ozstrik3r blad3 hunden fox +1
TheAwakening COME H E R E
he has heavy autism
I bet my rent money
wow, takes balls to gamble all of that 5$
i will guess your IQ #3
best weed (sativa) music?
John Carry1
Mate I've been following the CS scene since early 2013 LOL
pharcyde tribe called quest dpg + a million other 80/90 rap groups before I can even thing about 'Migos'
worst city in your country?
he already had two offers from barcelona, what are you on about
build worst team ever
well considering he 40 bombed EVERY dingit game that they had better odds on, and was pretty obvious, then when I played vs him on esea he had 7 rws, i'd go as far as saying yes
build worst team ever
Blad3 cadiaN kioshima right after supex0 got detected flusha when he stopped lifting his mouse (¿) TONI on ESEA AC