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Danish muslim sacked from job
Good job Denmark, stop being such sissies and start eradicating the plague. (:
Koreans in csgo
By all means.
tell me ur favourite team and ill guess ur rank
Minise left from G2
The fuck, Pollando? Fanpage - a page for one's fans Funpage - a page full of fun???
Pasha, fuckin finally pls
Ladies and gentlemen! Good morning and welcome to our show called: POLLACKS TRYING TO BE CRITICAL AGAINST SOMEBODY ON HLTV! I pity all of you. First of all, if you want to convey your opinion to a c...
hardest word to pronounce in your language ?
I laughed so hard. XD
UK = 3rd world country
olofmeister vs pashaBiceps
Global Elite AMA #2
Hi, benbesser. I would like to hereby inform you that nobody gives a fuck about your rank. There are plenty of people who achieved this 'noble' rank called Global Elite (including myself) and don't...
Most inconsistent teams in each tier?
Definitely and Titan.
Natus Vincere vs
Hello everyone. STUPID NAVI CYKAS!!!!!!11111oneone Best regards.
Natus Vincere vs
Damn, Pasha is blastin' it.
Pasha tier X AWP
Hi again. Of course Kenny isn't better than JW ->now<-, but looking at their careers overall, Kenny is way better. I agree Kenny has fallen by the wayside and now isn't doing as well as he used to ...
best possible french lineup
Hi, [*]. I would see it this way: 1. Happy (shotcaller, rifleman) 2. KennyS (1st AWP) 3. Smithzz (rifleman, 2nd AWP) 4. Apex (rifleman) 5. kioShima (rifleman) Best regards.
Pasha tier X AWP
Hi, psytrance lover. It's sad you disagree with me. Let me elaborate on my statement blatantly flattering KennyS. KennyS has been the main player of Titan for a long time. If it weren't for his ...