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mousesports vs HellRaisers
nex onliner
C9 23%?
Ok? have you seen the last C9 games? they've been playing good
twist can perform vs tier 1 teams? never saw it + better comm -less impact on game stop the hate already... ty
yeah let's replace him for twist kappa
G2 vs fnatic
damn AD HOMINI no bro , im supreme and honestly think doesnt sum up how good you actually are... pls shut up already
G2 vs fnatic
Jkaem bad , fox bad... ok we get it you hater . How much did you lose?
G2 vs fnatic
Stop with the fangay about twist pls... he is overrated... he does not perform like he should when he plays vs decent tier teams , makes bad decisions aswell and JKAEM>>Twist . By far.
G2 vs fnatic
Pls , twist is overrated as hell... he also tried for G2 and Jkaem perfomed way better than him , why should they replace him?... fox might be replaced but Jkaem was a good add
Kinguin vs Luminosity
+1 rekt
Liquid vs Enemy
why the f*** would i care about NA scene no be a ptr fangay? low IQ pls... i just said ptr for adren bcause ptr calls way better than adren , and if im not mistaken who gives the calls is adren
Liquid vs Enemy
-adren + ptr pls
lurppis just rekt fox fangays
I'd say lurppis was a child , and no , not talking about the PORTUGUESE post only :) salty salty lurppissss
-fox asap
Honestly PORTUGUESE GUYS , stop these threads... and stop the hate too . Im a huge fox fan and even i have to admit he is performing bad , he does a lot of stupid mistakes and misses easy shots. The b...
account highjacked 10 days ago , and i saw the acount he sent the itens to...
C9 drug test
How much