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bye bye astralis era
SD in Sweden
I don't understand why you want that information though? What's in it for you? And why does it matter? To me it doesn't matter at all. It's just irrelevant information.
SD in Sweden
For starters, you can stop writing OMEGALUL everywhere. Secondly, stop using wikipedia as your source of information. Not saying I don't agree with the stuff you say, but I just can't take you serious...
SD in Sweden
Did you really just use wikipedia as a source? I'm not denying that rapes happen, but they aren't commited by immigrants only. That's just bullshit that political parties like SD wants you to believe....
SD in Sweden
The no-go zones are bullshit and everybody knows it. Yes, there are problems with segregation in our country but that problem exists in almost every country on this planet. The rapes or the crime rat...
Sweden hello?
Was that meant to be insulting?
Well yeah, I admire NiP because they simply don't give up. They try some changes here and there but stick to the same core of players. Sometimes they win, sometimes they don't but they keep fighting :...
Yeah NiP is in the same boat :P They're just stubborn. Even though I love NiP it just feels like its time for them to retire. But maybe they have another year in them! We'll see :) I just don't enj...
I don't really understand how they have the energy to keep going. What do they think switching players will achieve? They will never be as good and stable as the old VeryGames lineup anyway.
hide chat, turn on theater mode or fullscreen = problem solved
Is ss rival for cs go is good same as fk1?
I have Rival and I love it. Will probably never switch to another mouse and I'm the kind of guy that has tried like 50 different mice throughout the years. Using it with zowie G-TF speed version mouse...
Maybe they did, I have no idea. The only thing I know is that I trust all of the players in infame. Can't really tell if someone in dope cheated cause I don't know the other players in that mix/team/o...
Haha I'm not CleanUpGuy :P I know the whole Infame team though. We're from the same town.
As far as I know he doesn't even know the players from dope personally. He and pdive played with them when the others from Infame was a bit inactive during the summer and such :P
ggrabb vs Imaginary
You can do it ggrabb!