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c9 fans
I thought it was G2's to lose. aka bad play from G2 + good play from C9, would be the only way C9 would win. However I did not expect a 16-3.
is DAZED poor?
you mentioned some weird cars..
ex-Epsilon are getting unbanned?
thank you
Team 3D (legends)
he founded esea.
Team 3D (legends)
but he figured out ESEA ?????????? profit.
Team 3D (legends)
likely could have had 3 dig's.
Black cs pros
bp (old days of eg) spawn's brother megaton but this is probably a troll post
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In most cases, pro streamer and pro gamer are different professions. The time involved being a pro streamer could (not that it 100% has to) conflict with time needed to practice properly as a pro ga...
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this makes sense...but do you get the results in time? Or which org/event is gonna be the first to sacrifice an event to this. You could potentially have several matches results overturned in a tou...
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monopolize it, sponsor events - where you're the performance enhancer of choice. get dem LoL 13 year olds hooked early, loyal customers for years.
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based on that jersey, more meth = more sponsors.
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but they're as legit a source as webMD!
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Sounds like you should make your own team
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I don't think the players for CSGO at ESEA lan are making hundreds of thousands of dollars from sponsors and such. I'd be happy if eSports was that big on a general level, but realistically it's n...
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Being diagnosed is not related to being invite or not.