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k0nfig disrespectful
90% of the albanians I know are cocky . They think they are the kings of the world. Also they are like that when they are in groups, if 1 by 1 face-to-face they kinda pussy. I don't really care but i...
G2 Super Team = G2 Super Disband?
dreamhack winter major, cluj major...
Serious question: Why do all albanians say they love their country and that Albania is the best when only 3 milions of them live in Albania while 9 milions live elsewhere ? So if they love so much th...
stop being a rrot kari dude. if you are a pederast it's not my fault and it's ok.
rrot kari
ScreaM > G2
Apex better? He plays good/beast in 1 out of 10 matches. Scream was unconsistent too, but overall he is better, much better and also has more potential. He is not the dumbest player on the pro scene l...
what's up now toxic japanese tard?
fat gipsy :D
-TACO ?????????
Dude, I don't know much about you, but tonight i just found out you have some serious problems. Go see a doctor ffs :|
-smithz +KIO
you asked for a dedicated awper. I've seen neo, pasha and snax awping, so no dedicated awper there :) and if i have to talk about this "-smithzz +kio" i would only say that the only change that cou...
-smithz +KIO
Against cphw every player did shit , they thought they were waaaay superior and better , eat shit now tards , ggwp cphw
G2 fanboys
Don't you remember all the chokes against Nip? The last one at the major on cache ? Or the match against astralis on cache last tournamente? 3vs xyp9x with a tec9 ? or 3vs hazed witha fiveseven ? Ther...
G2 Choke
Not only against the danes. They like choking hard against swedes too . It may happen once , let's say twice a year . But they feeling apart 4 times a month while being up 12-3 is just annoying . ...
Alternate everywhere ?
Thanks hltv :)