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Liquid vs fnatic
will it ever start?
G2 = G(2) = GG
Jackz watching A short on top of the bomb site like Rambo. You know how it worked :D
AST RETIRE ?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
you mentioned "goat" so many times that i think that a real goat is way smarter than you :)
Liquid kicking NAF
comparing USA with Lithuania? compare it with Europe bro :)
G2 did a big mistake.
I'm not expecting them to win here, but it will be a failure. Then they gonna replace jackz, then amanek etc. Typical G2 style
G2 vs fnatic
Why is G2 pretending to execute like a solid team? Waiting 20 seconds before time expire? You do this when you have a good teamplay. Just go FPL style and relax...
G2 disband
Renegades and liquid will be skullfucked to death
sry genius. :(
Renegades and liquid will be skullfucked to death
why is there that chart named "final results"? they decide before the matches start?
Renegades and liquid will be skullfucked to death
how will they decide the last day games?
Romanian people come here
Bucharest is nice, the centre is full of story and things to visit and you have a lot of things to do(like clubs, pubs etc) But if you didn't pay the hotel already i suggest you to visit Brasov too, 2...
G2 stop
It's the same story guys. They will now say that they need time cuz they are a "new" team. And that is gonna last for some months now. After that they gonna play good at one tournament, reaching the f...
FaZe vs G2
They will. I actually saw a lot of g2 matches and I know how it goes. :) got used to it
FaZe vs G2
faze playing mm style and still winning XD