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Educated and have a girlfriend whom I love more than anything. My life is

wait for it..

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Sharks vs North
PLease die danish faggots
3DMAX vs LeftOut
Sixer is the worst player ive ever seen on stream.
Warriors vs Cavs
Btw, Durant is the biggest bitch ever that joins GSW after losing to them in game7 the year before. People whined about LeBron going to Heat, but Durant's move makes him the biggest looser the NBA hav...
Warriors vs Cavs
If you look at the rosters, GSW should win with no problems. The problem for Cavs is that they have to guard Curry and Durant well and it will leavue Green and Thompson open often, so if they shoot ...
i feel sorry for most people here
I feel sorry for you:/
I think you are correct that lifestyle matters. I also think that people who eat meat can be just as healthy as vegans. Our evolution would not formhumans as we are today without meat, but there is no...
I have to inform you that ur the one in a bubble. I have no problems with meat eaters and the production of meat, but people who can't acknowledge facts I have no time for.
Ur correct that u have to take b12 supplements, but the animals you eat also have to do that. So there is no argument that its better to give it to a animal and eat the animal, or just take it urself....
You have no clue of what ur talking about. Ur just a retard:p
It is not rumours, its actually superficial proof that you will gain health benefits. WHO also acknowledge those benefits. I myself suffer from RA and got rid of all my symptoms by eating vegetarian ...
David Haye and Nate Diaz er examples of athlete vegans. The best triathlon runners are also vegans. There is lots of benefits from resuscitation time of muscles. Also u gain a lot of possible health ...
juliano missharvey in the news
Highest female earnings: 156k$. Lol, that's to much.