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dreamhack caster
Got the same feedbacks from the French community, apparently it was poor casting, disrespecting, unprofessionalism and lack of knowledge.
best css players?
Appreciate mate <3 !
EnVyUs Academy vs Infused
You have no clue what you are talking about ^_____^
best css players?
I'm a nobody now too ^^
best css players?
That's cool mate ! We do have a strong scene and they try to be the best, I love all three teams and have friends in every (I played with Ex6tenZ when we started Source in 2005 and a lot of old storie...
best css players?
More or less, I'm in contact with all french / belgian players from Envy, G2, LDLC... why ?
best css players?
- cyrilspwR (retired) - kTN (retired) - LePoireauMaléfique (Played competitive CSGO with Epsilon (ScreaM, uzziii...) and then coached Titan with Ex6tenZ, he now shoutcasts with me on the main CSGO...
best css players?
I used to play competitive CSS for years eventually being top 3 in France with Crystal-Serv (After shox's squad and Ex6tenZ's one) at the end of Source when some players retired so you might have seen...
best css players?
best css players?
good ones.
best css players?
This look like the most accurate list over there (I would have removed Kenny who arrived late, Dev1ce wasn't known and Henry/Stinger just a little bit less relevant) Couple of players that also wer...
RLewis disrespectful
French fans was a personal vendetta back to when he was running Cadred and went completely paranoïd, delusional and insane. The dark days of RL
Thorin disrespectful
A brazilian who had respect for thorin, what year is this hahahah
Congratulation you've been busted ^^